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    Hamanaka glue for Eco Craft. Can be used for wood, paper, cloth, leather, etc. High-performance adhesive strength, becomes transparent when it dries with strong quick drying. Non-formalin and eco-friendly!

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  • 90,00 ₴ In Stock

    Double-sided tape ideal for handicrafts, especially for gluing Romale and Tube Berry tapes. Can be easily glued, thin and transparent. Please make sure to remove dust and oil on the adhesive surface before applying tape.

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    Kumihimo disk is a tool for creating braids. Kumihimo is an ancient Japanese form of braiding using multiple strands to create bracelets and jewelry. You can use different types, colors and thickness of thread, add beads etc. Set includes disk, instructions and thread. We also have Japanese book for creating figures  and letters with sing this disk. Free...

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  • 65,00 ₴ In Stock

    Hamanaka needle for Ereza tape. Can be used to pass the tape trough the eyes of Hamanaka plastic canvas. Recommended to use when you need to pass the tape 2 or 3 times in the same place, otherwise needle is optional. Needle size: 0.5 х 5 см. Eye size: 0.1 х 0.7 см.

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Showing 145 - 148 of 148 items